Why I love LuLaRoe!

I’ve been asked by several why I love LuLaRoe clothing. In fact, some people say that I’m so much drawn to this brand and obsessed with it. Well, I didn’t just wakeup loving this clothing line. Actually, it was more of a coincidence.

As a young fashion blogger, my dream was to still continue enjoying what I do and keep informing my audience about fashion, style, clothing and more. However, with a fairly-young blog, I was struggling to make ends meet. With no steady income, I found myself losing interest in my blog.

One day, my blog caught the attention of Sarah, a LuLaRoe consultant. She seemed to love my blog and was interested on how the ideas could help her market clothing from LuLaRoe. “Bham!” this is what gave me the “Eureka” or is it the “Light bulb” moment. So, why do I love this brand so much?

1. Easy Online Shopping: Finding and placing orders from consultants is relatively easy. As a member, you get to go through their wide array of fashionable clothing and select what suits you best. The simplicity always ensures  customers get their clothes on time.

2. Door -to-Door Shipping:

Before LuLaRoe, I had bought other products from several MLM and Direct Marketing people. One of the main challenges was getting the stuff to your place. With LuLaRoe, this wasn’t a problem at all. In fact, LuLaRoe consultants deliver the ordered items right to your door. How about that! I no longer have to keep tracking the items or worrying about delayed shipment.

3. Diverse Clothing Collection:

This Direct marketing company stocks a wide array of clothing and always coming out with new patterns. In fact, I always get overwhelmed by their large collection of skirts, dresses, leggings and more. And thanks to this, I always have something to offer to my growing closet, hehe.

4. Latest fashion:

As a fashion blogger, I need to keep my followers updated on the latest styles and trends in the industry. This has become much easier thanks to LuLaRoe. This brand always launches the latest fashion designs that allow me to not only educate by audience but also deliver stylish clothing options for those interested in the brand.

5. Unique Clothing:

A thing that makes LuLaRoe standout from its competition is its unique and ever changing clothing. It’s hard to come across repeated styles or patterns since the company is always researching and developing new designs. This applies to any items whether dresses, skirts, leggings, and the rest of their clothing line.

6. Comfortable and Affordable Clothing:

This clothing taught me that dressing in the most stylish and comfortable clothes doesn’t have to drain your bank account. Actually, you can adorn topnotch dresses and accessories without burning holes in your pocket. You will find quality items made from silk, cotton, suede and costing as low as $30.

There you go – 6 reasons why I why I love LuLaRoe clothing. If you are a stay-at-home mom, a young entrepreneur interested in fashion and clothing, a person looking for extra income, or you desire to help women stay fashionable by dressing in the latest, comfortable and affordable items you should think about joining LuLaRoe.

For now, I just buy it!