About Me

Hi and welcome to Hote Fashion!

My name is Lettie Hote, I am a US based fashion blogger. In case you’re wondering I’m 28, and married with three kids. My husband helps me take a lot of the pictures I will feature on this site.

Blogging has opened a lot of exciting opportunities for me, right now I work as a personal stylist helping girls and women from all over the world to feel more confident about how they look. I also style fashion shoots and consult brands on social media marketing.

My style philosophy is less is more. I’m a fan of neutral colors, loose shapes and sexy heels. That being said, my biggest passions are white sneakers and everything denim. Wait, did i mention LuLaRoe?

I’m also now a cult like follower of the brand LuLaRoe. I will feature this brand and feature my obsession and adventure in purchasing and pairing these wondering articles of LuLaRoe clothing.

I love the brand and I have no affiliation with the company or any consultants. The views expressed here are those of mine and only mine. On this site I will show you clothing, links to clothing and connect you with consultants I have shopped with to hopefully get you as excited about the release of new prints as much as I am.

This is out of the kindness of my heart and my checkbook, ha! I secretly think that my husband hopes that these consultants will run out of inventory so I quit shopping!

Happy LuLa hunting!