LuLaRoe in Bartlesville OK

If you are a stay-at-home mom and you are good with sales, then LuLaRoe is your outright ticket to outstanding success. By use of fashion and clothes to link and network with mothers from across the world, LuLaRoe creates an opportunity-stacked platform that allows women to get busy and make money.

LuLaRoe is a venture which was established by DeAnne Stidham back in 2014 with the motive of inspiring women to enter the fashion business and sell classy yet comfortable attire to other like-minded women.

This company uses numerous varied social media platforms to advertise their products most notably: Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest among others. It has incorporated the use of “pop-up” parties-a technique common with similar firms-to share both their products and subsequent ideas to women across the globe.

The company is steered by the goal of not just inspiring women to feel and look their finest, but also earn money in the process.

The LuLaRoe Product Line

In the world of fashion, creativity and quality of products are among the key aspects that set apart companies and products from their competitors. With their unique textile designs, the firm is able to offer both quality and diversity in style. Their range of products includes dresses, pants, and skirts for women of all ages.

LuLaRoe offers clothing that fits women of all body types and shapes and with their impeccable quality, the items need special dry-cleaning or hand-washing to maintain their trademark craftsmanship- the aspect that sets it apart from the rest.

Their breakthrough and trademark product is their Unicorn leggings which come in varied styles and patterns. Moreover, they are available in different colors ranging from the attention-grabbing neon to typical corporate black.

The Famous ‘Unicorn’:

The unique leggings which have become the trademark for LuLaRoe have acquired the “unicorn” name courtesy of their distinctiveness both in quality and design making it a hard to find access to. These particular accessories are stretchy and can be worn on a night out with the girls or to the gym. Other similar products in the leggings category include Kids Leggings, Jordan Leggings, and Jade Leggings.

LuLaRoe Dresses: There are plenty of dress choices which you can select from and they include: LuLaRoe Amelia Dress, Nicole Dress, LuLaRoe Ana Dress, Julia Dress and Carly Dress.

LuLaRoe Skirts: LuLaRoe also offers a diverse selection of skirts- with Maxi Skirt being a fan favorite. Other selections in their brand include Maxi Skirt, Jill Skirt, Cassie Skirt, Lucy Skirt, Azure Skirt, Madison Skirt and Lola Skirt.

Whatever the design, decoration, color, style or even pattern, LuLaRoe focuses on offering women staple accessories with a cool twist as opposed to typical overly trendy items we have become accustomed to. If you are looking for LuLaRoe in Bartlesville OK, our next section will guide you easily through the process.

How LuLaRoe is Sold

LuLaRoe similar to related multi-level marketing ventures uses internet marketing as their main sale forum. It has put in place precise techniques to help the women make and boost their sales. The most noteworthy techniques include:

Constant product promotion:

Considering that LuLaRoe was established and sprouted via the internet, consultants are also expected to undertake their product marketing and subsequent promotion in a similar manner. The firm provides social media directions which you require to adhere to. The products are designed to suit ages between 16 and 34-which is analogous to the active crop of social media users. You can use either between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and surprisingly even Snapchat. For Instance I will pick on a consultant that I have mentioned in another post and also bought multiple items from. Here is Robyn Vollenweider, who is a LuLaRoe consultant showing how to wear the famous LuLaRoe Irma. You can clearly see here her promoting the brand but also showing how to wear it which is a plus in my book for any consultant to not only sell you the clothes but also to show how to wear and style it.

Copyright: LuLaRoe Robyn Vollenweider- Shop her store HERE

Picture Posts:

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and for LuLaRoe; this is among their best slogans. One prominent marketing strategy used by LuLaRoe is encouraging all their consultants to adorn their products and post pictures of these accessories. This is among the finest and most efficient ways of luring customers.

Pop-Up Party Hosting:

In definition, Pop-Up parties are simple gatherings where consultants invite their friends to not only check out but try out some of the LuLaRoe items on sale. This has been among the best strategies for the firm. Moreover, there is a tram in place to offer guidance on how to host these parties and as such the workload is easier.

LuLaRoe’s Compensation plan for consultants

The journey to financial independence through LuLaRoe begins with an exclusive initial inventory investment. To assume consultant status, LuLaRoe requires you, to begin with, several pieces from their brand (between 250 to 450 pieces) which roughly cost you an estimated $4,500 to $6,500. Moreover, after the investment, they offer you a starter business kit that contains all the relevant items you need to kick-start and run your business. Included in the kit is:

  • Training booklet
  • A Catalog
  • Notebook planner (Spiral)
  • Clothing hangers
  • Fabric swatches
  • Advertising Flyers
  • Thank-you cards
  • Sign-in sheets
  • Additional promotional items

Finally, you are also mandated to pay all expenses that come with the shipping, handling and exclusive tax sales costs for your ordered items.

Payment structure:

There are several steps to follow prior to becoming a full consultant with the company and receiving your payment.

#1 Fill in an application: There is the provision of both paper and online application. The paper application needs scanning then emailing or faxing accompanied by an exclusive voided check.

#2 Complete their Onboarding Checklist: In this list, you select the items you prefer for your first batch of inventory items.

#3 Select a package choice.

One of the few examples of a package option is:

  • Package 1: 336 pieces for $4,812
  • Package 2: 365 pieces for $5,365

# 4 Payments arrive in varied levels:

  • For a consultant to receive payment, a monthly 33 pieces minimum order must be attained
  • For active sponsors to receive payments, a monthly 175 pieces minimum order must be attained
  • For trainers to receive payment, a monthly 1750 pieces minimum order must e attained. �”this, however, is not inclusive of the personal orders the trainer makes

A blend of both bad and good, LuLaRoe Company is continually forging its repute as a reliable way for women to make money. While the initial investments and the subsequent amount of work needed to kick-start and get the business rolling may discourage numerous consultants, the flexibility it offers to consultants together with the diversity of options to clients makes it a wonderful and reliable way for women to achieve financial independence.